What is Cottonwood Holistic Family Health ?

Cottonwood Holistic Family Health is a Family Medicine clinic specializing in helping people of all ages achieve optimum health.

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Assist our clients in achieving optimum health by preventing illness and using the safest, most effective evidence based therapies available from a wide range of therapeutic options. We believe healthy lifestyle and preventative medicine are key aspects of achieving that goal.

In order to provide high quality, individualized medical care, we consider all aspects of a personís health ; we examine all of the factors which may be contributing to an illness, and use our training in traditional and complementary medicine to help patientís choose the best options for staying and returning to full health.

Our experience in medicine has shown us that numerous factors affect an individuals health. Merely prescribing medicines based on physical complaints rarely leads to a return to complete health. Similarly , merely taking something "natural" or a variety of supplements without consideration is not the best way to guarantee whole heath. There are large amounts of emerging evidence which points to both the benefits and risks of various complementary therapies. With so many people using herbs, vitamins, supplements, and other alternative practitioners, comprehensive management for patients well being is often lacking.

With training in both traditional and complementary medicine, we are able to understand, evaluate and recommend a variety of approaches to wellness.

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