Voted Best Physicians in Durango from 2013 – 2020

Jay Ciotti, MD and Suzanne Ciotti, MD, started Cottonwood Holistic Family Health to offer a smaller, more personalized, clinical environment in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Delivering high-quality care that considers all aspects of a person’s health is at the core of everything we do and we’re extremely honored to be recognized as two of Durango’s best doctors.

At Cottonwood Holistic Family Health, we’ll help you achieve optimum health through our comprehensive family medicine. It is our goal to work with patients of all ages to prevent illness by using the safest, most effective, evidence-based therapies available. Specializing in preventative medicine and assisting our patients in achieving a healthy lifestyle has helped earn us the community vote for best physicians in Durango.

COVID-19 Update

We hope everyone is working hard to stay well during this  difficult outbreak.  We are working hard to protect the safety of our patients and our staff.

Are you open to see and take care of patients?
YES, WE ARE CURRENTLY OPEN during the outbreak, to provide necessary services and help take pressure off of the Emergency Room and hospital.  We are still seeing some patients in the office in a very safe and secure way.

We are ALSO OFFERING TELEMEDICINE APPOINTMENTS each day, which allow real time video evaluations and management. We are scheduling appointment in the mornings, Monday through Friday,  and closing the clinic in the afternoons.

What if I have symptoms of COVID-19?
Very importantly, we advise that any PATIENTS WITH FEVER, COUGH, SHORTNESS. OF BREATH, RUNNY NOSE OR SORE THROAT SHOULD STAY HOME and contact us before going out into the community or coming into the office.  We can see patients with respiratory symptoms through a Telemedicine appointment which allows us to determine what treatments or testing may be needed.

Can you test for COVID-19 in the clinic?
We do not have access to testing kits at this time.Various testing sites are sometimes available locally.  We can help you determine if going to a test site is possible or advisable depending on your situation.

What if I need to come into the office for an appointment ?
Anyone with an appointment is advised to bring their cell phone, contact us by phone when they arrive and then WAIT IN THEIR VEHICLE  until we notify them it is time to be seen. We will then escort patients into the office to clean their hands and to utilize a face mask.  You may bring your own face mask. We are also requesting that no visitors or family members accompany patients into the office for appointments at this time.

How can I do a Telemedicine appointment?
For any non-essential or non-emergency issues,  we are asking that you CALL THE OFFICE TO ARRANGE A TELEMEDICINE APPOINTMENT.   Telemedicine appointments allow us to speak face to face with patients over the internet, and provide a better opportunity to care for patients than a simple phone call.  We are offering Telemedicine appointments each morning, Monday through Friday.

What are other ways to communicate health concerns?
E-mail is proving to be a very efficient tool at this point.  As always, we are accessible via e-mail through our patient portal and it remains a great way to communicate non-urgent concerns. You may contact our office to set up access if you have not done that already.

How can we stay well during the pandemic?
The best practices for staying healthy continue to be HAND WASHING,  social distancing and wearing a mask to prevent possibly spreading the virus to others.  General healthy habits are even more important these days: maintaining a healthy diet, good  rest habits, and some physical activity each day.  Now , more than ever,  is a good time to minimize alcohol intake and smoking of all types.  Strategies to help manage stress include taking some time each day for some type of Mindfulness  Exercise: meditation or deep breathing exercises,  prayer, yoga, Journaling, a “gratitude practice” or Tai-Chi are good examples.  Pursuing hobbies and maintaining contact with friends  and family by phone and through the internet may help as well.  Finally, it is also important to consider a “Corona Break” at times – by taking a break from consuming news, the internet and social media for regular periods of time.


Cottonwood Staff